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Welcome on Julian's Blog

Paris based,street and portrait photographer
Urban Street Life Style

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My recent work , the result of five trips between 2015 and june 2019 ,
is based on the history of New York street,
many years later, it still a certain heritage of urban culture by people 
who hang out in the streets.
The soul of New York does not disappear
You will also see in this home page some photos taken in Paris, Berlin and London

'The Garage'
July 5 Th, 2017
E 102 St
Carnegie Hill, Manhattan

I love capturing moments that remind me of the america of the 50s,
 but footwear on the floor and MP3 Playeur takes us back to the present .

' Caporal Hunter Conway and Sergio Bonaventura Graziani'
E9 St .Lower East Side 
May 24. New York

(Sergio, Italian, makes me think of 'Lorenzo' in the film 'A bronx tale' played by De Niro.)

 'Miss Peters'
'Lefrak center at Lake side '
Ice Skating.
Back to the 70 s
May 2019

the Lower East Side
 'Vincent '
From Charlotte city, North Carolina
June 2019

 ' koolout_k '
Serie ' 80s' 
' Knowledge is king '
Manhattan , May 25. 2019

Dancer/choregrapher: Annalee Traylor
May 2018, Hart St. Brooklyn

(An abandoned basketball court, the ideal symbol of the movie 'West side story', with these old buildings and firescapes in background.)

East Village, 
somewhere in Tompkings square Park
New York
June 8/ 2019

The Dancer
Khalil Turf Dancer
Pigalle, November 2018, Paris

Serie ' Bone Break Dancer '
*** Push the Walls ***

The 'Popping' is a street dance and one of the original funk styles that came from Fresno, California during the early 1980s. 

'A day with Tommy '
New serie 
'I just wanna skate and destroy everything in sight' 
Ocean Avenue
June 2019, Brooklyn

'Kid on the platform'
Marcy Av
June 2019

'Kids on the block'
Subway platform, smith 9Sts,
 Reed Hook, Brooklyn.2017

'Kids from the Hood'
Rivington St
serie 'Lower East Side'
May 2018

They are a reflection about heritage of New York and the lung of urban culture.
"We are not a Team ,we're just kids from the hood who just link up ride(...) "

' 80s  '
New serieLafayette St, Manhattan
with 'KOOLOUT-K'
Tashawn Whaffle Davis

Myrtle Av.Brooklyn, May 2018

Man at work
Carnegie Hall
May 2018

 ' The Teacher'
Lewis Av
Dr Sandy F Ray BLVD.Brooklyn
May 2018

'West 4 Th'
New York, July 2017

The West Fourth Street Courts, also known as "The Cage", are a notable public athletic venue for amateur basketball in New York City

'Lewis Av'

Dr Sandy F Ray BLVD

Brooklyn, May 2018

'Brianna Jones'

New Serie
'Lefrak center at Lake side '

Back to the 70 s

May 2019

 Prospect Park

 May 2018

A caption contemporary
West Side Story Dance, 
Coming soon
revisited by 3 greats professional dancers and choreographers, pilates instructor, and performing Artists :
Portrait in front of the ' Jones Beach' Coffee
4 Stuyvesant Ave

With :

Melani de Guzman, Emma Fitzsimmons, Mariusz Daniel Kujawski


June 2019

 Coney Island,
 june 2015

'Aaron Lapp '
From Pennsylvania.
(Amish boy)
Somewhere in Brooklyn. 
May 2019
(Thank you for your trust dear Aaron)

'Back in 1958'

 Marcy Av, Brooklyn, May 2018
(About "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel ' série TV)

Men waiting,

 Malcom X Blvd
West Harlem, July 2017

Harlem Family
July 2017

Man with Ice cream

Coney Island

Brooklyn. May 2019

Video creator and skater
Brooklyn, May 25 /2019

Portrait of a black woman full of elegance
The Baptist Church
July 2017

London Girl in Brooklyn, 
May 2018
Brodway Av

East Village
Tompkins Square Park, July 2017

'Abandoned stroller'
(they kept the kids) 
somewhere in brooklyn
May 2018


' Blondie '
From the serie  :
at Tompkings square Park'
Coming soon...
(Most teenagers are taking drugs in this place, which seems to be tolerated in New York.)
East Village, June 2019

Tompkings square Park
16 years old

Muse New Yorkaise.2016

Old Man and Ice Cream
Camden Street 
June 2018

Colville Road, London

'Another America' 
Abandoned swimming pool in social building.

Somewhere lost next sheepshead Bay..


May 2018

 Abandoned bycicle by Kids
Orthodox Jewish Quarter, Brooklyn
July 2017

Somewhere in Brooklyn

'Kid with plastic gun'
May 2018, Myrtle Av.Brooklyn

'Tashawn Waffle Davis'
Painter, illustrator, Streetwear Designer.
At the Astor place Hairstyles ...
(Once considered the hippest place to go for a Mohawk or have the Batman logo etched in your hair)
Noho, Manhattan, May 25.2019

'Miss Alexander and Chance'
Union St
July 2017

Sweet Loneliness
Album "EXIT"

'The Player'
Greenwich Village, july 2017

"Little Odessa"
Brighton Beach
New York, July 2015

Son and Dad
Madison Av. Upper East Side
New York
May 2018

Ordinary Scene in Brooklyn
July 14. 2017

Berlin, Oranienstrasse
June 2016

East Village, Tompkins Square Park
New York, july 2017

Berlin, Kreuzberg
Somewhere in a street

'The Dancer ' 

Waffle NYC
A NYC-Based collective of talented LiteFeet dancers.
May 2018 
Brooklyn, Bedford Av platform. New York Subway


'Portrait of two New Yorkers with dog'
After sports training, 
Marcus Garvey Park
124 St. East Harlem
(Sorry guys your name was on my lost travel diary ... wish you will see this picture..) 

Elegant Woman in the New York Subway
23 St Broadway.July 2017

New York elegance on a rainy day
1 St Avenue, East Village

June12/ 2019

Juillet 2014, Berlin


The Writer
New York, bedford St.2015

The two Phones
July 2016

Mauerpark, Berlin
June 2016

Buschwick, NY .2015

'The unknown between the two subway cars'
June 2019, Brooklyn

Miss Alexander
Brooklyn, July 2017

' 3 Sisters '
Little Odessa, subway Line Q 

Brooklyn, May 2019


(Polaroid, Paris, )
A Timeless Moment

BERLIN, July 2016

Carnegie Hill, E102 nd St .May 2017, New York

New York 


'Back to the Garage'
Julian by Julian
NY, Carnegie Hill, E102 nd St, May 2018

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C41 Magazine
(a Milan-based magazine of contemporary visual art)
Aout 2018

C-Heads Magazine
(A snapshot of Youth Culture. Exclusive Stuff. Austria)

Aserica Magazine

(Fashion and Life style magazine .Hong Kong )
Brooklyn Baby.New York, july 2017

'The Dancer' NY, May 2018

'Wheels' 01 November 2018

to be continued.....


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  1. Deni§ Guermonprez (Dionxu)26 novembre 2012 à 13:01

    Salut, JuliAN!
    Je suis allé faire un tour sur ton blog. J'ai commencé par la fin. Tu sembles fasciné par les sucettes...
    Une approche psychanalytique du sujet montre que c'est un retour vers l'enfance pour ce qui est de jouer avec les couleurs, les formes, et le gout sucré, quant à l'aspect adulte, là pas besoin de faire trop de bla bla....
    Je regrette que certains de tes clichés soient surexposés, mais ca viendra.
    Les sujets sont intéressants.

  2. Je suis avec mon pote Benoit Moyen et nous venons de regarder ta production, c'est très prometteur !
    continue comme cela, déjà du talent, bientôt la gloire !!!!
    a dimanche


  3. J aime beaucoup ton travail j aime bien le fait que ce soit surexposé justement c est ce qui donne ce ressenti un peu absurbe qui emane de tes mises en scènes! J aime bien ton univers! Bises à bientôt! !
    Johanna du blog

    1. Des BISOUS Johanna!!!moi aussi j aime bien ton blog...! a lot of kiss, yuyu

  4. Je kiff vraiment le les couleurs de tes photos et le patadoxe entre l enfance et la rebellion me parle profondément! Bises Julian

  5. Quand je lis les commentaires au dessus c'est comme si tout s'éclairait (je ne suis pas encore une bonne juge pour connaître l'histoire des photos). Mais les expressions "retour en enfance" et "décalé" sont très vraies. Les photos sont vraiment très bien réalisées! Vous avez beaucoup de talent :)


  6. Bonsoir Julian,
    Des féminités affirmées, des images bien composées, parfois au détail près ... Tes photos dégagent à la fois la grâce et la force de tes sujets.
    Beau travail (et pourtant j'ai l'habitude d'être critique).
    Estelle du musée, du Palais des Beaux-Arts (peut-être que tu ne te souviendras pas de moi mais tu m'avais donné une deuxième carte).
    Bonne soirée

    1. Coucou Estelle, je me souviens toujours des personnes à qui je donne ma carte!!!!merci beauucoup d'avoir pris le temps de regarder et pour ta curiosité et ta jolie critique, ça me touche, big Kiss, julian


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